Oticon Hearing Aids

As one of the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon was founded in 1904 in Denmark. Their mission, “People first,” is rooted in the founding of the company with Hans Demant’s quest to find hearing solutions for his wife. Now, with over a century of experience in producing quality hearing aids, Oticon’s devices are renowned for their advanced technological features, developed from extensive research and design in collaboration with the Ericksholm Research Institute. Oticon is known for key industry firsts: the first fully digital hearing aid (1996) and BrainHearing Technology (2014), designed to support the auditory process in the brain.

Opn: Open Sound Solution

Opn, pronounced “open,” is the most advanced hearing aid to date from Oticon. Providing an “open sound solution,” Opn ensures that you experience all of the sounds within your environment, rather than the narrow cone of focus in previous advanced hearing aids. Opn “opens up” the audio landscape for wearers, providing clearer sound and a more natural listening experience. By empowering the brain to decide where it wants to focus while listening with Opn, wearers experience significant cognitive benefits, such as improving memory by 20% compared to older models.

With an ultra-fast processing platform, Opn scans your environment 100 times per second, reduces extraneous noise, and captures 360-degrees of sound. In different independent studies, researchers found that Opn’s “Open Sound Solution” improves speech understanding by 30% compared to previous models and reduces listening effort throughout the day.

At the heart of Opn’s power is OpenSound Navigator, a feature that analyzes sound from your environment and categorizes audio data according to the sound’s level, frequency, position, and characteristics. OpenSound Navigator processes individual sounds at a fast speed, giving your brain immediate information with which to work, allowing you, the wearer, to decide where you want to focus your attention.

Opn achieves “open sound” sophistication with a number of other important features, which include: SpatialSound LX, YouMatic LX, SpeechGuard LX, Soft Speech Booster LX, and more. SpatialSound LX balances the spatial sounds from your environment by transmitting audio data binaurally, providing a more natural and fuller sound picture. YouMatic LX puts you in control of your listening experience with customization options. For people with hearing loss, speech recognition can be challenging, which is where SpeechGuard LX and Soft Speech Booster LX enter the picture. This feature boosts speech sounds and elucidates speakers’ voices in a variety of settings, and improves soft speech understanding by up to 20%.

As a wireless hearing aid, Opn connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth, allowing you to stream sounds from phone calls, music, and other media with the ON app. As the world’s first hearing aid to connect to the Internet, Opn opens up a world of accessibility through the program If This Then That, with a catalog of common signals, alerts, and sounds. Opn also uses a wireless system to stream data between both hearing aids, which gives the wearer a 200% increase in binaural processing capacity. Other Opn features include wind noise management and tinnitus sound therapy.


OPN is a mini receiver-in-canal hearing aid, fully customizable in a number of colors to discreetly match your skin and hair tone.

Other Oticon Styles


ALTA 2: BrainHearing Technology

BrainHearing Technology encapsulates the focus behind Oticon’s hearing devices: features that assist the brain in the natural processing of listening, providing an effortless experience. From their site, Oticon’s BrainHearing can be summarized in four main features to assist the brain in the auditory process:

  1. SpeechGuard E: clarifies speech and sound details, especially in noisy situations, providing up to 20% improvement in understanding soft speech;

  3. Spatial Sound: supports your brain’s natural abilities to localize sound;

  5. Free Focus: an automatic zoom that helps you focus on the sounds you prefer to hear and to shift between conversations;

  7. YouMatic: personalizes your hearing preferences and automatically adjusts depending on the situation you are in.

Oticon’s Alta 2 is the most popular model offering BrainHearing Technology. With the understanding that no two people hear alike, Alta 2 is designed to match your individual sound perception. Alta 2 is available as a receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) hearing aid, as well as a super-powered behind-the-ear hearing aid for people with higher degrees of hearing loss. Alta 2 custom hearing aids are available in various in-the-ear styles.


Though small in size, Oticon’s super-powered hearing aid Dynamo provides big sound. Designed for severe to profound levels of hearing loss. Dynamo provides a complete listening experience, from speech to environmental sounds, built on the four main features of BrainHearing Technology: Speech Guard, Spatial Sound, FreeFocus, and YouMatic. With seven colors and a discreet profile, Dynamo is a behind-the-ear model that is both slim and powerful.

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