Phonak Hearing Aids

Since their founding in 1947, the Swiss manufacturer Phonak has developed products in line with their mission to “reconnect people to their lives.” In designing their devices, Phonak collaborates with hearing professions, receives feedback from consumers, and pursues new innovation with hearing aid technology. Phonak has introduced a number of industry firsts: the first fully digital hearing aid Claro (1999) and SmartLink (one of the first to use Bluetooth connectivity). In addition to their innovative hearing devices, Phonak is committed to shattering barriers around hearing loss and hearing treatment, with the goal to ensure that “wearing hearing aids is as simple and routine as wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.”

Belong Processing Platform

The Belong Processing Platform is the most powerful one from Phonak to date. With lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology that provides 40% more battery power than other rechargeable options, wearers can be confident in their Phonak devices all day. One full charge lasts 24 hours, while a quick, 30-minute charge ensures six hours of listening. This rechargeable option is just one element of Phonak’s commitment to user feedback. Users also expressed a desire for devices that are easy to use, aesthetically minimal and discreet, and strong in performance.

With the latest hearing aid models on the Belong Platform, it is clear that Phonak has taken this into consideration. In terms of usability, Phonak’s devices have an efficient, comfortable construction with simple operating push button, strategically placed microphones, and indicator light. They are built with a sleek silhouette, smaller in size than previous advanced models.


As for listening features and hearing performance, Belong has improved upon previous Phonak platforms. With Belong, wearers experience 20% better speech understanding overall, 60% better speech understanding in noisy environments, 37% reduction in listening effort when having conversations in cars, and 10% improvement in soft speech understanding.

Phonak Audeo B and Audeo B-R

Phonak designed Audeo B and Audeo B-R hearing aids to “to simplify your life and make hearing effortless.” Built on the Belong Platform, Audeo B and B-R hearing aids boast a number of awesome features, such as AutoSense OS, designed to detect your environment every 0.4 seconds and make automatic adjustments for a seamless listening experience. Wearers of Audeo B/B-R experience a fuller sound picture, thanks to strategically placed directional microphones. Audeo B/B-R are fully customizable, flexible hearing solutions, designed with a sleek aesthetic.

What’s the “R” in Audeo B-R? That’s Phonak’s innovative new rechargeable system. Powered by a lithium-ion battery – the same kind you find in your smartphones and laptops – Audeo B-R guarantees 24 hours of uninterrupted listening on a single charge. Unlike other hearing aids, Audeo B-R does not require any battery replacement for the life of the hearing aid – saving your wallet and the environment in one! Audeo B-R hearing aids are easy to use: when you need a charge, simply place your hearing aids in the Phonak charging station (with built-in drying capabilities) and let them do their thing! One overnight charge provides an entire day of listening; if you need to recharge your hearing aids on the go, check out Phonak’s compact, travel-friendly charger packs. Consumers have commented that wearing the Phonak Audeo B-R is “the closest thing to getting your hearing back.”

With ComPilot Air, Audeo B and B-R hearing aids have access to wireless options, such as streaming phone calls, music, and other media directly to your ears. People with active lifestyles will appreciate this accessory, as well as Audeo B/B-R’s moisture-resistant construction with IP 68 nano-coating material.


Audeo B and B-R are receiver-in-canal hearing aids and are fully customizable to treat mild to severe degrees of hearing loss.


Lyric: 24/7 Listening

Dubbed the “contact lens for the ears,” Lyric is a ground-breaking hearing solution from Phonak. Lyric is placed deep in your ear canal by your hearing specialist and is left there for an average of 4 to 5 months, depending on battery life. In anticipation of battery expiration, visit your hearing specialist for a replacement battery and maintenance.


As a 100% invisible hearing aid, Lyric does not require removal for daily activities from sleeping to showering. As such, Lyric provides a natural and seamless listening experience in every environment. Placed closed to your eardrum, Lyric takes advantage of the anatomy of your ear to receive and amplify sound. Experience freedom in your daily life with Lyric!

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