Signia Hearing Aids

Signia comes from a long line of experienced research and development, built on the innovation of its predecessor, Siemens. With Signia, the company aimed to “create a brand that is more human and personal, while building on the Siemens values of technological innovation and quality.” Signia’s mission is to improve the lives of those with hearing loss, creating devices that provide rich, natural sound. With advanced features and a sleek aesthetic, Signia combines consumer feedback and intelligent research to provide user-friendly hearing aids.

Nx: Natural Sound with Own Voice Processing

Built around the sophisticated technical anatomy of our own audiological systems, Signia has produced Nx, a processing platform that replicates sounds the way nature intended. Based on consumer feedback on the “unnatural” sound of their own voice with new hearing aids, Signia has solved the problem with Own Voice Processing (OVP). From the first fit, wearers experience improved spontaneous acceptance of their own voice with comfort, thanks to OVP. An independent study cites the OVP feature, as well as Signia hearing aid construction and flexible fitting strategy to ensure that wearers feel comfortable from the outset – and therefore stay vigilant in wearing their hearing aids every day!

Nx provides wearers to access to an advanced soundscape, with the Ultra HD e2e feature. With smartly placed directional microphones that form a binaural beam to share audio data, Nx gives wearers great access to speech and first impressions of sound in any environment. Further access to sound is provided through Bluetooth connectivity, connecting wearers to smartphones and other electronic devices.

Always at the forefront of technology, Signia has built Nx with a ground-breaking remote hearing care feature with TeleCare. After your fittings, you may need adjustments in real-world situations. TeleCare 3.0 allows you to contact us to fine-tune your listening experience remotely – so that you experience clear sound wherever you are.

Signia Hearing Aid Models

Signia’s Nx platform is available in three performance levels: 7Nx, 5Nx, and 3Nx. Nx is available in the following hearing aid models: Pure, Silk, Insio, Motion, and CROS.


Pure 10/13/312 Nx; Pure Charge & Go Nx


Signia’s Pure family provides simplicity and technology in one small package, with direct streaming. A laser edge antenna provides Bluetooth direct streaming and remote control with the myControl app, along with TeleCare 3.0. This is a discreet behind-the-ear hearing aid with a slim design and comfortable fit. Bluetooth connectivity also provides wearers with access to their smartphones and devices, streaming phone calls and audio directly to their ears. For an extra boost with your home entertainment system, Pure connects to your TV with StreamLine, all managed through the myControl app. Strategically placed directional microphones ensure that wearers have improved understanding of speech in noise. With an IP rating of 68, Pure is resistant to moisture and the elements. Pure has a user-friendly construction that includes a rocker switch (to make adjustments to volume and program features) and to easily switch the hearing aids on and off. Pure is equipped with Signia’s Notch tinnitus therapy to alleviate the sounds of tinnitus. For people who experience single-sided hearing loss, there is CROS Pure Nx.


Answering the call for a smarter rechargeable option, Signia offers the Pure Charge & Go, a contactless, rechargeable hearing aid that runs on lithium-ion technology. A simple overnight charge – or a quick charge while you’re in the shower – ensures all-day listening.


Silk Nx

With most advanced hearing aids, you may have to come back for a few fittings to ensure the best possible fit. Silk Nx revolutionizes the hearing aid fitting experience with ClickSleeves. This completely-in-canal hearing aid is ready to wear and invisible, providing the highest level of discretion. ClickSleeves, constructed of comfortable, flexible silicone, “click” easily onto the device and gives a precise fit immediately. Silk Nx is also available for people with single-sided hearing loss (CROS Silk Nx). With the touchControl app, Silk Nx provides a fully customizable listening experience.


Insio Nx

With all of Nx’s best features, Insio is customized to fit your ear canals, providing a comfortable fit and powerful listening experience. Control your experience with features such as SpeechMaster, eWindScreen binaural, and EchoShield with the touchControl app. Though small in size, Insio is a user-friendly hearing aid with a battery compartment that allows you to easily power on and off. Designed with a vent and removal cord, Insio ensures easy handling with providing powerful sound.


Motion 13 & 13P Nx

Motion Nx is Signia’s behind-the-ear hearing aid, designed with an ergonomic shape and discreet silhouette. Motion treats a wide range of degrees of hearing loss, from mild to severe, and is fully customizable to fit your ears. With all of Nx’s excellent features, Motion provides access to rich sound in diverse environments. As a wireless hearing aid, Motion gives you access to phone calls, music, and TV (through StreamLine TV), as well as control over your listening experience with the myControl app.

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