Widex Hearing Aids

The Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex has more than five decades of experience and distributes its innovative products to more than 100 countries worldwide. Inspired by the natural spectrum of sounds, Widex hearing aids are renowned for a rich listening experience with their trademark “Widex Sound.” Widex’s mission to provide easy-to-use hearing aids that fit seamlessly into daily life and empower consumers to hear sound as naturally as possible. Always at the forefront of technology, Widex is one of the first major manufacturers to produce a fully digital hearing aid with wireless technology. Widex received the European Inventor Award in 2012 and continues to push the boundaries with their latest devices.

Widex BEYOND: Made for iPhone

As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, Beyond connects wirelessly to your smartphone and opens up a world of accessibility. Through this connection, you can stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, and other media directly to your ears. With the Beyond app, personalize your listening experience to the fullest. The Beyond app saves your preferences with easy-to-use labels and makes automatic adjustments the next time to you return to an archived location, using your smartphone’s GPS function. Widex’s Preference Control makes personalization a breeze, with adjustments to volume levels, speech clarity, and listening comfort. Connect to more than your smartphone with Widex’s accessories such as DEX and Tri-Link.

In addition to Beyond’s incredible wireless features, Widex includes an array of awesome listening features. Wearers will enjoy clarity in both speech sounds and music, and a long-lasting battery. Experience great sound in diverse settings, with features such as Soft Level Noise Reduction and Smartwind Manager. Beyond also comes in a rechargeable option.


Beyond hearing aids are built to be user-friendly, with both left and right-hand volume controls, strategically-placed directional microphones, and equalizers that ensure a natural listening experience. Beyond is available as a receiver-in-canal hearing aid and is fully customizable.

Other Widex Styles



For people with active lifestyles, Unique is a flexible, low-maintenance hearing aid that will provide natural sound wherever you go. Unique captures the full spectrum of sounds, from quiet to loud, and makes automatic adjustments to ensure comfort and natural listening.


Unique is designed to filter out sounds you do not want to hear (excess background noise, for example) and focuses on sounds you do want to hear (speakers’ voices, music, etc.). Other Unique features include noise and wind reduction in outdoor environments, and automatic adjustments between preferences.


Designed to treat a wide range of hearing loss, Unique is available in six different models and the following styles: completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the ear.



Super is Widex’s solution for people who experience higher levels of hearing loss, from severe to profound. Super ensures that wearers are always in touch with the sounds around them with enhanced sound quality, giving an extra boost in terms of speech amplification and noise reduction. In terms of speech, Super hearing aids are designed to provide wearers with enhanced localization of speech sounds, so that you can hear the person behind you as well as the one in front of you. Equipped with a powerful battery and weather-resistant coating, wearers can be confident in their listening experience in any environment. Super is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid.



Widex didn’t go wrong in naming this model: Dream hearing aids provide a comfortable and natural listening experience every time. With an ultra-fast processing system, Dream hearing aids provide true-to-life, rich sound, capturing all of the details you want to hear. As a wireless hearing aid, Dream connects to your smartphone and other devices for unfettered listening. Widex has ensured distortion-free listening, clarity in speech, and enhanced music listening features. In fact, an independent study shows that Dream improves speech recognition by 21% in loud noise. Fully customizable, Dream is a digital hearing aid that is available in the following styles: completely-in-canal micro, completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear.


ZEN Tinnitus Therapy

With the understanding that tinnitus happens in 80% of hearing loss cases, Widex has created a powerful tinnitus therapy system. ZEN is available as a tinnitus therapy program in select Widex hearing aid models, as well as in a standalone model, ZEN2GO (for people who experience tinnitus, and not hearing loss).


The ZEN system of tinnitus therapy consists of four steps: 1) counseling – to educate and assist the limbic system to alter its negative interpretation of tinnitus via cognitive and behavioral intervention; 2) amplification – to stimulate the ears and brain and to prevent over compensation; 3) fractal tones – designed to relax and provide acoustic stimulation; and 4) relaxation – behavioral exercises and sleep management strategies.

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